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DLC - Intruso

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#196 Kharadros



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Posteado 03 October 2015 - 05:14 PM

La cuestión es que lo mataría,  de rebote pero lo mataría que es más de lo que parece que puedan hacer el manco y el ausente. Que pro es Hawke


#197 Varric



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Posteado 03 October 2015 - 07:01 PM

Eso si no se tropieza con una piedra y se abre la cabeza, tampoco sería extraño :LMAO:.


#198 hircine



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Posteado 05 October 2015 - 03:57 PM

Por cierto, cuando solas menciona que corifeus descubrió el secreto de la inmortalidad de los evanuris... y viendo que mythal usa a un dragón como guardián. 


La famosa inmortalidad, no estará en ligar la experiencia vital a la de un dragónXD. O se referirá a que los evanuris ocupan cuerpos ajenos según necesitasen, rollo corifeus-grey wardens



Copio y pego un análisis que encontré.


In the Trespasser DLC, if you use the Inquisitor's new Anchor Discharge ability (with Anchor Blast) to destroy the gaatlok bombs in front of a collapsed entrance in the Deep Roads, you can clear the debris and find an Eluvian, which takes you to another Dread Wolf puzzle. However, it is what's behind the puzzle that's the most interesting - a mural, displaying the death of a Titan:



With veilfire, you can see a veilfire rune on the mural which contains the following codex entry:


In the light of the veilfire, the runes seems to shift, coiling and uncoiling like snakes. A thunderous voice shatters the stillness, shouting:

"Hail Mythal, adjudicator and savior! She has struck down the Pillars of the Earth and rendered their Demesne unto the People! Praise her name forever!"


For a moment, the scent of blood fills the air, and there is a vivid image of green vines growing and enveloping a sphere of fire.


The vision grows dark. An aeon seems to pass. Then the runes crackle, as if filled with an angry energy.


A new vision appears: Elves collapsing caverns, sealing the Deep Roads with stone and magic.


Terror, heart-pounding, ice-cold, as the last of the spells is cast.


A voice whispers:


"What the Evanuris in their greed could unleash would end us all. Let this place be forgotten. Let no one wake its anger. The people must rise before their false gods destroy them all."


After reading the rune, the Inquisitor says the following sentence:

"The runes say the Evanuris fought the Titans. They mined their bodies for lyrium and... something else. It's not clear."


(I'm assuming that my Inquisitor used the word "Titans" because she completed the Descent DLC and knows what they are - he/she may have a different line if they never play through the Descent DLC)

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